Best practices for small law firm marketing


Small law firms are constantly looking for new legal clients. Lead generation and reputation marketing strategies can set your firm apart from the rest. A strategic online presence makes it easier for new clients to find you when they need advice. It also allows you to highlight your capabilities and establish your brand.

Marketing a new business to prospective clients starts with having an optimized website, a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and a review generation and referral strategy. From there, social media, email campaigns and other marketing solutions will help you stay top-of-mind with your current and prospective clients.

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What are the potential benefits of a small law firm marketing campaign?

Unlike a big law firm, smaller firms might need to work harder to build brand awareness and name recognition in their local market. It’s hard to compete with firms with their own marketing agencies and large advertising budgets, but it is possible to compete locally using other digital marketing tactics.

Clients want to work with a law firm they can trust. Focus your marketing efforts on establishing a personal connection with your clients. Your firm can grow and succeed using simple marketing strategies that drive referrals to help you find new clients.

Marketing techniques for small law firms

Marketing strategies that attract new leads are critical for small law firms and solo practitioners.

No two firms are the same. Experimenting with online marketing tactics that work best for your firm’s specialization is beneficial. One firm may put added emphasis on traditional media. At the same time, another may choose to build a social media presence, host a podcast, produce webinars or do pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

No matter what tactics you choose, stretch your marketing dollars by focusing on lead generation and ways to establish an authentic online presence.

Build a website designed for lead generation

Building a website is the first step to implementing your digital marketing and lead generation strategy. Your website may be a new client’s first impression of your business.

The web design needs to be professional and approachable. It should clearly state your law practice areas to qualify new leads. It should also list your accreditations to add credibility. Incorporate testimonials and referrals into the site to show you are a trusted partner.

A content marketing strategy should be considered as well. It’s essential to incorporate high-quality content that enhances your organic SEO rankings. Focus on content that interests your target audience, whether you’re specializing in personal injury claims, estate planning or family law.

All modern websites must be responsive and well-organized. A simple contact form is all most law firms need to get the conversation started with a new client.

Make yourself easily accessible with Web Chat

Integrating chat functionality into your website can make it easier to communicate with new clients. Chat applications can be AI-driven with auto-responses to your most commonly asked questions. Conversations and inquiries can also be handled in real time by a person during regular office hours.

Meet your clients on social media

Social media is an excellent way to build community and find new clients for your small law firm. It also makes it easy for your existing clients to make referrals to others who need legal services.

Enhance your firm’s social media marketing with platforms such as Facebook Business and LinkedIn. Depending on your brand, target market and practice areas, you may also want to pursue social strategies on Instagram, TikTok or other platforms.

Remember to use local review sites, such as Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), to ensure your firm and its reviews appear in search results.

Email marketing campaigns keep your firm top-of-mind

Email marketing campaigns can be used to follow up with leads and stay top-of-mind with potential clients.

Many law firms use email marketing to make announcements about changes in the business, new accreditations and specializations or to raise awareness about common legal issues. Email marketing services can drive traffic to your contact form or encourage new clients to call for information.

Showcase positive customer reviews and law firm awards

Highlighting a small law firm’s awards and accomplishments is important. Use online platforms to show off accomplishments and demonstrate the firm’s impact on the community.

Past client referrals and testimonials are an essential component of any digital marketing plan. The reviews from real-life clients add authenticity and build trust with those seeking a professional lawyer.

Create landing pages for every partner and associate to list their bar association qualifications and specializations. Everyone’s experiences and talents can support lead generation for the firm.

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Finding an authentic, trustworthy law firm isn’t always easy. Establish your brand and connect with potential clients who need your help the most. Focusing on your lead generation strategy will make it easier to identify and connect with those in the pipeline.

Set your small firm apart from the rest with a strategic digital marketing plan. Broadly can help enhance your new website and ensure your law firm marketing strategy is successful.

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