Google business profiles for beginners

If you want potential customers to find your small business in Google Maps and Google Search, then you need a Google Business Profile. Here’s everything you need to know about setting up and optimizing your presence.

What is a Google Business Profile?

Formerly known as Google My Business (GMB) profiles, Google Business Profiles are business listings that show up when customers search for local businesses in Google Search and Maps.

Business owners can create Google Business Profiles at no cost — they’re a free marketing tool designed to share key business information, ask for reviews and drive customer conversions, such as orders, bookings and free estimates.

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Top ways to use your Google Business Profile

Here are some of the many ways business owners can use their Google Business Profiles to reach and engage with potential customers.

1. Share business information

Business owners can use their Google Business Profiles to share information about their local business with searchers — potential new customers — looking for small businesses in Google Maps and Google Search.

You can add the following business information to your Google Business Profile:

  • Business name
  • Contact information (phone number, website, etc.)
  • Business address (such as the physical address of your storefront)
  • Business description
  • Business hours of operation
  • Service area
  • Business category
  • Business photos and videos
  • Business attributes (Minority-owned, woman-owned, etc.)
  • Products and services offered

2. Interact with clients

Potential customers can connect with your business directly and seamlessly. Google lets individuals complete the following actions on your Google Business Profile without customers having to call your phone number or visit your website:

  • Make bookings
  • Request quotes
  • Place orders
  • Explore your product inventory

You can also engage with customers by:

  • Creating Google posts (updates or announcements from your account), offers and events on your Google Business Profile
  • Posting answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your Google Business Profile
  • Using Google Business Profile’s direct messaging feature to receive and send messages (Note: You can always pause messaging or set up automated messages)

3. Get Google reviews and keep the conversation going

Besides sharing business information, small businesses also use Google Business Profiles to get customer reviews. As with social media channels like Facebook and Yelp, Google allows customers to submit feedback about their experiences with small businesses.

Customer reviews appear in Google Search and impact local SEO rankings. You can respond to them directly via Google Business Profile or by using a review management platform like Broadly.

4. Unlock insights about how searchers are finding and interacting with your local business

Google Business Profile offers insights about the keywords customers use to search for your small business in Google Maps and local search. You can also get metrics about phone calls, reviews and bookings you’ve received through your Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile FAQs

Find the answers to your frequently asked questions about Google Business Profiles.

Is a Google Business Profile free?

Yes, Google Business Profile is a free tool small businesses can use as part of their broader digital marketing efforts.

Companies can also use Google’s paid offerings to showcase their Google Business Profiles, including Google Ads and Google Local Services Ads.

What does a Google Business Profile do?

Google Business Profiles are versatile platforms. They help businesses:

  • Manage how they appear in Google Search and Google Maps
  • Get more customer reviews, bookings and business
  • Interact with customers via direct messaging available on Google Business Profile
  • Discover key customer insights, such as how searchers are finding their Google Business Profile

How do I get a Google Business Profile?

You can sign up for a Google Business Profile at and tapping or clicking the “Manage now” button. From there, you can use the Google Business Profile manager to set up a new business listing or claim and manage an existing profile for a business location on Google Search and Maps.

See Broadly’s guides for more on how to claim a business on Google and use Google Business profiles for a service area business.

Is Google Business Profile the same as Google My Business?

Yes. Google Business Profile is the new name for what the search engine used to refer to as Google My Business (GMB).

Note: There used to be a Google My Business app, but that’s no longer available. Companies can now manage their Google Business Profiles on the go from the Google Maps app.

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