40 Sample Text Messages to Delight Your Customers [Templates]

When it comes to good customer service, communication is king and text messaging reigns supreme. For local businesses, leveraging the power of text messages can be the edge you need to stay competitive. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using text messages for customer communication and provide you with 40 sample text messages to customers to help you get started. Get ready to leave your customers pleasantly surprised and eagerly engaged with SMS updates!

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Why Text Messages Matter for Your Business

Before we dive into the creative world of text messaging, let’s take a moment to understand why text messages are really great options for local businesses. People get bombarded with ads and emails regularly. Here are some stats from The Small Business Blog to put things into perspective:

  • On average, a regular person deals with a whopping 121 new emails every day.
  • These emails include spam, social updates, and promotional newsletters.
  • In 2020, a cybersecurity company called Kaspersky Lab estimated that nearly half (47.3%) of all email traffic is spam.
  • Out of all the emails sent daily, more than 3.4 billion are fake and potentially harmful, like those used in email attacks or phishing schemes.

People are weary, if not downright exhausted, by emails—and that’s where text messages can come in handy. Text messages cut through the noise. They add a personal touch to an interaction that can’t be ignored quite as easily as other forms of communication. To learn even more about the benefits of using text messages for your local business, check out our blog: Text-to-Pay: Why all small businesses should be using it.

Important Things to Consider Before You Send Text Messages

According to Business.com there is a bit of red tape you need to navigate in order to abide by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). While text message marketing laws might seem intimidating and are fraught with legalese, they’re important to prevent consumers from being spammed. Here are ways to meet these requirements and still promote your business effectively:

Get Clear Consent

When someone first joins your text list, you must provide them with all the necessary details:

  • Your business name
  • Why you’re texting
  • How often they’ll get messages
  • A statement about rates
  • Links to your privacy policy and terms
  • Instructions to opt-out

It might sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Here’s an example:

Hello [Name], thanks for signing up for [Company]’s Winter Sale! Expect deals every week. Message and data rates may apply. Text HELP for terms, STOP to quit.

Pro Tip: Keep things short. Carriers limit the number of characters in each text message to only 160. What happens if your message is above 160? It will send the message split in two with the first 160 characters in one, and the remainder in another. 

While sending multiple SMS messages is okay every once in a while, and some carriers can even merge these two messages together, these texts are often more expensive to transmit. Also remember, getting texted too often can bother customers and lead to them unsubscribing to your notifications, so be careful how often you ping them.

Use Keyword Shortcodes:

A keyword shortcode is a word or phrase customers can text to a specific number to sign up for your texts. Make sure your disclaimer follows the CTIA guidelines and includes all the necessary details. When customers text the keyword, they’re giving their consent.

So, without further adieu, here are 40 sample text messages to help you better engage and communicate with your customers.

Welcome Messages

Welcoming a new customer is like rolling out the red carpet. It sets the tone for a great relationship. Here are five delightful welcome messages that will make your new customers feel right at home:

1. “Hey, [Customer Name]! Welcome to the [Company Name] community. Explore our range of [Products/Services] and enjoy exclusive offers just for you. Msg & data rates may apply. Msg frequency varies. Reply HELP for help; STOP to cancel. Visit [Website] to get started! “

2. “Hello there! Thank you for signing up for a [Company Name] membership. As a token of our appreciation, here’s a special discount: [Discount Amount] off your first purchase. Use code: WELCOME123 at checkout. Msg & data rates may apply. Msg frequency varies. Reply HELP for help; STOP to cancel.”

3. “Welcome, [Customer Name]! We can’t wait to see you at [Company Name] really soon. Have questions? Text HELP to reach us. Msg & data rates may apply. Msg frequency varies. Reply STOP to cancel.”

4. “Welcome [Customer Name], from all of us at [Company Name]. Your shopping journey with us begins now, and we’re here to assist in any way we can. Msg & data rates may apply. Msg frequency varies. Reply HELP for help; STOP to cancel.”

5. “Hey [Customer Name], you’ve officially joined the [Company Name] family. Ready to explore the best [Products/Services] around? Let’s make this experience exceptional! Msg & data rates may apply. Msg frequency varies. Reply HELP for help; STOP to cancel.”

Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments are a headache for both you and your customers. Ensure everyone stays on track with these helpful appointment reminders:

6. “Hi [Customer Name], don’t forget your appointment with [Company Name] tomorrow at [Time]. We’re looking forward to meeting you at [Location]. Need to reschedule? Reply ‘RESCHEDULE’.”

7. “Your appointment with [Company Name] is just around the corner on [Date] at [Time]. We’ll be ready to serve you at [Location]. See you soon!”

8. “Friendly reminder: Your appointment with [Company Name] is on [Date] at [Time]. Please arrive 10 minutes early, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [Phone Number].”

9. “As your appointment with [Company Name] approaches, we want to ensure everything runs smoothly. See you on [Date] at [Time] at [Location]. Text 1 to confirm your appointment, 2 to reschedule.”

10. “Mark your calendar, [Customer Name]! Your appointment with [Company Name] is set for [Date] at [Time] at [Location]. We’re committed to making this a great experience. Text 1 to confirm your appointment, 2 to reschedule.”

Following Up with New Leads

Turning leads into customers requires timely follow-up. Here are five engaging text messages that will keep your leads interested:

11. “Hi [Lead’s Name]. This is [Employee] from [Company Name]. I’d love to schedule a quick 10-minute chat to discuss your needs. Schedule it here: [link] “

12. “Hi, [Lead’s Name]. This is [Employee]. Thank you for your interest in [Company Name]. I’d love to connect over a quick call. Let’s find time to chat: [link]”

13. “Hey there, [Lead’s Name]! Thank you for your interest in [Products/Services]. Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss how we can meet your needs. Book here: [link]”

14. “Great things are on the horizon, [Lead’s Name]. Let’s schedule a chat about how [Company Name] can make your goals a reality. What’s your preferred time for a quick discussion?”

15. “We’ve got exciting solutions for you, [Lead’s Name]. When can we connect to talk about how [Company Name] can meet your unique needs?”

Promotional Text Messages

When you have exciting promotions to share, let the world know! These five promotional text messages will have your customers rushing to your door:

16. “[Customer Name], unlock amazing deals at [Company Name] today! Shop [Product/Service] and enjoy up to [Discount Percentage] off until [Date]. Visit us at [Location] or explore online at [Website Link]”

17. “The savings continue at [Company Name]’s [Season] Sale! Grab your favorite [Product] at a discount of [Discount Amount] until [End Date]. Hurry before it’s gone!”

18. “Don’t miss out on our exclusive offer, [Customer Name]! Get [Product/Service] with a [Discount Percentage] discount. Limited stock available, so shop now at [Website] or our store at [Location].”

19. “Here’s an offer you can’t resist, [Customer Name]! Discover [Product/Service] with a whopping [Discount Amount] off. Your dream deal awaits at [Company Name].”

20. “Ready for unbeatable savings, [Customer Name]? Grab your [Product/Service] with a massive [Discount Percentage] discount. Visit us today at [Location] or shop online at [Website].”

Ask for Feedback and Reviews

Customer feedback is more precious than gold. These five messages will encourage your happy customers to share their thoughts and maybe win a little something in return:

21. “Your opinion matters! We’d love to hear about your recent experience with [Company Name]. Share your thoughts, and you could win [Incentive/Giveaway]. Click here to review: [Review Link].”

22. “We’re constantly striving to improve. Share your feedback on your recent purchase from [Company Name], and receive your next [Product] on us! Click here to review: [Review Link].”

23. “Help us enhance your experience with [Company Name]. Share your feedback and be entered to win a [Prize/Gift]. Click here to review: [Review Link].”

24. “Your voice matters to us, [Customer Name]. Leave a review of your recent experience with [Company Name] and have a chance to win big. Click here to review: [Review Link].”

25. “Ready to have your say, [Customer Name]? Review your recent interaction with [Company Name] and seize the opportunity to win a [Prize/Gift]. Click here to review: [Review Link].”

Also see: How to Create a Google Review Link to Send Your Customers

Order Confirmation

Customers love to know that their orders are in good hands. Use these order confirmation messages to keep them excited:

26. “Congrats, [Customer Name]! Your order #[OrderNumber] is confirmed. We’re packing it up, and it will be on its way to you by [Expected Delivery Date]. Track your order at [Order Tracking URL].”

27. “Great news! Your order with [Company Name] has been successfully placed. Order #[OrderNumber] will be dispatched on [Expected Delivery Date]. Keep an eye out for shipping updates.”

28. “Thanks for shopping with [Company Name]. Your order #[OrderNumber] is confirmed. You can anticipate delivery on [Expected Delivery Date]. For order updates, visit [Order Tracking URL].”

29. “The moment you’ve been waiting for, [Customer Name]. Your order #[OrderNumber] with [Company Name] is confirmed. It’s on its way, and you can track it here: [Order Tracking URL].”

30. “Exciting times, [Customer Name]! Your order #[OrderNumber] is confirmed and will be sent to you by [Expected Delivery Date]. Keep an eye on your delivery status at [Order Tracking URL].”

Rewards for Repeat Customers

Loyal customers deserve a little extra love. Here are five messages to show your appreciation:

31. “Hello, loyal customer! As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering you [Discount Percentage] off your next purchase. Use code: [CODE] at checkout. Enjoy your savings!”

32. “You’re a valued member of the [Company Name] family, [Customer Name]! Your next purchase comes with a special reward—[Free Product] when you spend [Minimum Amount]. Redeem in-store or online!”

33. “It’s customers like you who make us smile, [Customer Name]. Get [Discount Amount] off your next order as a thank-you for your continued support. Use code: [CODE] at checkout.”

34. “Thank you [Customer Name], for being our customer for [Number of Years] amazing years! Enjoy [Discount Percentage] off your next purchase at [Company Name]. Use code: [CODE] and save!”

35. “Every purchase is a step toward fantastic rewards, [Customer Name]. Your next order with [Company Name] is [Discount Percentage] off. Use code: [CODE] and claim your savings!”

Payment Reminders 

Gentle payment reminders ensure you get what’s due without being intrusive. Here are five tactful payment reminders to keep things on track:

36. “A friendly reminder, [Customer Name]. Your payment of [Amount] for invoice #[InvoiceNumber] is due on [Due Date]. Have questions? Reply HELP for assistance.”

37. “This is a courtesy reminder that your invoice #[InvoiceNumber] with a total of [Amount] is awaiting payment by [Due Date]. To settle, click here [Payment Link] or contact us at [Phone Number].”

38. “Your upcoming payment is on our radar, [Customer Name]. Please ensure payment of [Amount] for invoice #[InvoiceNumber] by [Due Date]. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.”

39. “It’s that time again, [Customer Name]. Your invoice #[InvoiceNumber] for [Amount] is due on [Due Date]. For quick and easy payment, click here [Payment Link] or call us at [Phone Number].”

40. “Keeping everything in order, [Customer Name]. Your payment of [Amount] for invoice #[InvoiceNumber] is expected by [Due Date]. To make the process easy, click here [Payment Link] or contact us at [Phone Number].”

Embrace the power of text messages and watch your customer communication game soar to new heights. These 40 sample messages have you covered in various scenarios, but remember, thoughtful communication resonates with your customers more than a template, so experiment and find what works best for you. How will you use these sample texts to delight your customers?

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