What to do with customer email addresses

In a previous post, we described a few ways that you can – and should – ask use customer emails. Once you do, it’s critical to use the information wisely. Email communications – through marketing newsletters or otherwise – can help you maintain customer relationships with relative ease.

Here are five of our favorite ways to engage:

1. Ask your customers for feedback.

Email is a low-touch way to ask your customers about their experiences with your business. Asking customers on-site after a transaction may put them on the spot. An email follow-up, on the other hand, will allow customers more time to reflect and provide helpful feedback. To ensure the success of your campaign, it can helpful to tell them in person that you will be sending an email.

2. Educate your customers.

Position your business – and your staff – as trusted advisors by sharing your expertise in an email newsletter. If you have a blog already, consider including your most popular posts. We’ve outlined a few considerations and ideas in a previous post about blogging. Be sure to leverage your expertise to assist customers with minor issues, so that they choose your business when more serious issues arise.

3. Announce new products, services, and incentives.

Marketing newsletters are also a great way to keep customers in the loop about new products and services, and an easy way to offer discounts to your loyal customers. For instance, if you’re an HVAC contractor, you might incentivize your best customers to schedule duct cleanings in advance of your busy season.

4. Provide updates about your business.

If you’re changing locations, updating contact information, adding staff members, or even changing hands, email is a fast and easy way to keep customers apprised of what’s happening and ensures that they can reach you when needed.

5. Share customer success stories.

Show off some of your best work! If you’re a contractor, you might consider sharing before and after photos of a recent kitchen or bath remodel. You will not only highlight your latest achievements, but you might also spark interest in new projects.

This week’s post was co-authored by Anastasia Harold of Coolfront.

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