How to Write and Send SMS Review Requests + Templates

Want to write and send SMS review requests that stand out and get more online reviews for your business? This guide is packed with text message templates ready for you to use ASAP to get your review link in front of customers, help you generate more online reviews and boost your overall star-rating across review sites. 

What Are Review Requests?

As the name suggests, review requests are messages that small businesses and brands can send via the following channels to encourage customers to review their customer experience:

  • Text messages/SMS messages
  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Push notifications (if you have an app)

Your company may want to use review requests to ask customers to share their online reviews about your business via:

  • Google reviews that appear on Google Maps and Google Search
  • Social media sites such as Facebook
  • Review sites like Yelp and Tripadvisor

In summary: Review requests are short messages that ask customers to share their feedback via review sites. For the customer’s convenience, these messages include a direct review link to your company’s profile on review sites such as Facebook and Google Business Profile.

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How Do You Ask for Review Requests via SMS?

SMS marketing boasts open rates that are second to none when it comes to other popular marketing channels. In fact, text messages generate an impressive 98% open rate compared to just 20% for email marketing. That’s why SMS is an ideal channel for driving strong response rates and conversion rates for review requests. 

To send a review request via SMS as part of your broader digital marketing strategies, you will need:

  • Your customers’ mobile phone numbers
  • SMS templates that include your review request
  • An SMS marketing tool that can help you send review requests in bulk (if desired)
  • Your customers’ opting in to receive SMS messages

How Can I Automate the Process of Sending a Review Request via SMS?

Manually following up to ask for customer feedback can help you generate more customer reviews than if you didn’t ask at all. But, it can also take time — a precious resource that may be in short supply. 

That’s where Broadly’s automated tools for sending a review request via SMS can help. Broadly’s customers use our platform to automatically send follow-up text messages to their customers that:

  • Ask for feedback about the customer experience
  • Ask customers if they would consider writing online reviews or product reviews
  • Include a direct review link to any desired review sites, such as Google or Facebook

How Do I Text a Google Review Request?

If you have a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), you can create a Google review link that directly takes customers to your business listing on Google. Then you can direct them on how to submit the Google review for your company.

Once you have created a Google review link, you can easily send it via text message, email or any other messaging channel to get Google reviews for your small business.

Again, Broadly offers automated tools for sending a review request via SMS after any given transaction.

How Should I Write SMS Review Requests?

Here’s our best advice for writing SMS review requests that generate strong open rates and response rates.

Do’s and Don’ts: Tips for Asking Customers for a Review via Sms

  • Do: Include your customer’s first name in the text message. Personalized marketing and reaching out to customers by their first name has been shown to increase engagement, customer satisfaction, loyalty and purchase behaviors. 
  • Do: Keep it short. Aim for 160 characters or less. Otherwise, your review request may be broken into multiple text messages. 
  • Don’t: Ask for a 5-star review. No one wants to be pressured into submitting positive reviews. Instead, be sure to ask customers for their honest feedback and details about their customer experience. 
  • Don’t: Forget to include the review link to your Google Reviews, Facebook page or other review sites. This will help customers easily find the right spot to submit their online reviews. 

When Is the Best Time to Send a Review Request to Customers?

If you’re looking to increase your number of positive reviews and garner more four- and five-star reviews, send your review requests immediately following the customer transaction. It is best to catch them while their customer experience is top of mind.

SMS Templates for Requesting Customer Reviews + Examples

Use these text message templates to deliver strong open rates and conversion rates.

#1: SMS Template for Review Request for Google Reviews

Here’s an SMS template to get more Google reviews. 

Hi [customer’s name], Would you consider writing a Google review [add Business Profile URL] to share your experience with us and potential customers? Thank you!

#2: SMS Template for Review Request for Facebook Reviews

Here’s an SMS template to get more Facebook reviews. 

Hi [customer’s name], Would you consider writing a Facebook review [add Facebook page URL] to share your experience with us and potential customers? Thank you!

#3: SMS Template for Review Request for Yelp Reviews

It’s essential to keep in mind that Yelp’s review policy specifically says, “​​Businesses should never ask customers to write reviews.” While small businesses shouldn’t ask for reviews outright, you can include a link to your company’s Yelp profile in an SMS message sent after a transaction, as demonstrated in this SMS template.

Hi [customer’s name], Thanks for your business. How was your experience? We value your feedback. Thank you! [BUSINESS NAME] [PHONE NUMBER] [YELP PROFILE URL]

For more on this topic, check out our email review request templates for Google reviews, Facebook and Yelp.

Broadly Has the Tools You Can Use to Send Text Review Requests

Broadly works with local companies to help business owners strengthen their digital marketing strategies and grow their conversions. 

We offer a range of reputation management and review request campaign tools. Sending out review requests is a breeze with our online reputation management and review management solutions

Want to see how we can support your small business through best-in-class SMS requests and standout text message marketing?

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