Free Google Reviews? 3 Simple Ways to Get More Reviews

Google reviews can be a game-changer for local businesses that are looking to extend their reach and scale for growth. One of the great things about Google is that they are the biggest search engine around, meaning that if you can carve out a solid online presence there, you can make it anywhere.

But here’s the catch: Are there really ways to get free Google reviews? We’re about to reveal three simple and cost-free tactics to increase your Google reviews.

Key Takeaways

  • Importance of Google Reviews: Google reviews are critical for local businesses as they can significantly impact growth by enhancing online visibility and credibility.
  • Avoid Buying Reviews: Purchasing Google reviews is discouraged because Google removes paid reviews; instead, local businesses should focus on legitimate methods to acquire free reviews.
  • Stick with tried and true strategies for success: Focus on providing excellent service, asking your customers for feedback, and utilizing tools like Google Customer Reviews for authentic reviews that will bring in more patrons.

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Don’t Even Think About Buying Google Reviews

We get it—you might be tempted to buy some Google reviews to jumpstart your online reputation. But here’s the thing: Google isn’t a fan of paid reviews, and they’ll swiftly remove paid reviews as quickly as they appear. So, instead of wasting your money and putting your Google Business profile at risk, let’s explore some legitimate ways to get free Google reviews.

Tactic 1: Provide Excellent Customer Service

Delivering exceptional customer service is the bedrock of attracting positive Google reviews. Here’s why it’s essential and how you can excel at it:

Why Excellent Customer Service Matters

Customers who have had a really great experience with your business are more inclined to share their positive impressions with others. Their reviews act as glowing endorsements that can influence potential customers who would otherwise be on the fence. These endorsements are not only free but also incredibly valuable in building trust and credibility for your local business.

How to make customers remember you and give free Google reviews:

Go the Extra Mile

Strive to exceed customer expectations. Whether it’s going out of your way to solve a problem, offering personalized recommendations, or providing little surprises like discounts or handwritten thank-you notes, these small gestures of kindness create memorable experiences that set you apart.

Active Listening

Listen attentively to customer feedback, concerns, and suggestions. Show empathy and take prompt action to address any issues that come your way. When customers feel heard and valued, they’re more likely to reciprocate with positive reviews or reverse a not-so-positive one.


Consistency in service is key. Ensure that every interaction with your customers, from the first contact to the final purchase or service, reflects your commitment to excellence.

Check out this review a customer wrote for a well-loved brunch restaurant. The customer, who had visited the restaurant many times, shared their consistently excellent experiences with both the food and service. Although it took a few visits before they posted this review, it’s immensely valuable for the business because it’s genuinely positive feedback that potential brunch-goers will find highly valuable when searching for their next brunch spot.

free google reviews: review example

Here’s another example from a small mom-and-pop restaurant that specializes in diner fare. The user mentions how they’ve been a regular customer for years and laments how kind and attentive the owners always are. 

free google reviews: review example

In summary, being consistent is super important. It helps people trust your business and keeps them coming back. Plus, it ensures you keep getting new reviews regularly. So, by always being reliable and doing a great job, you’ll have customers who will be happily singing your praises

Tactic 2: Ask for Reviews

While some customers may leave reviews on their own, many won’t unless prompted. By politely requesting reviews, you’re not only reminding satisfied customers to share their experiences but also giving them an easy and direct way to do so. Here’s how:


Train your staff to ask for reviews when customers are at your place of business. For example, a friendly request during the checkout process or at the end of a successful interaction can be very effective.


After a purchase or service, send a follow-up email thanking the customer for their business and kindly requesting a review. Provide a Google review link for convenience.


Place signs in your physical location encouraging customers to leave their feedback. Make sure these signs are noticeable but not intrusive. Some great spots to place this signage include in your front window, on menus, or on a sticker found at the cash register.

For more tips on asking for reviews, check out our guide on the best tactics for asking for reviews on Google.

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Tactic 3: Collect Reviews via Google Customer Reviews

Did you know that Google offers a tool called “Google Customer Reviews” that allows customers to leave feedback on your website? It’s a great way to collect more reviews and boost your online reputation. 

By collecting reviews through Google Customer Reviews, you’ll make it incredibly convenient for customers to share their thoughts. It integrates seamlessly with Google, and the reviews can be displayed as seller ratings in Google Ads, further enhancing your online visibility. Here’s how it works:

How to Set Up Google Customer Reviews:

Step 1: Create a Google Merchant Center Account

If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Google Merchant Center account.

free google reviews: Google Merchant Center Account

Next, double-check to make sure your Merchant Center account is verified. You can verify your account in several ways, including:

free google reviews: how to verify your Merchant Center account


If one of your account users has already shown that your website is genuine for other Google tools, like Search Console, you don’t need to do it again for Merchant Center. If anyone in your group is already recognized as the owner of the website in the Search Console, then you can go ahead and claim your website without the need for extra verification.

Step 2: Enable Google Customer Reviews

Once you have created your Google Merchant account and verified your website, head to the menu on the left side of the main page and click “Growth.” Select “Manage Programs” and then go to the “Customer Reviews” card. From there, click “Enable” to sign up and obtain your survey code.

Enable Google customer reviews

Step 3: Add the Survey Code to Your Website

Google provides a survey code that you need to add to your website’s order confirmation page. This code triggers the review request after a customer completes a purchase. Integrating the survey code might require the help of your website administrator. Once ready to begin, follow the steps outlined in Google’s Onboarding and Integration Guide.

Step 4: Collect Reviews

Once set up, Google Customer Reviews will automatically prompt customers to leave feedback on your website, and these reviews will be associated with your Google Business Profile listing.

When used correctly, these strategies can help you gather more quality Google reviews—and the best part is that they’re FREE!

In summary, you don’t need to break the bank to get Google reviews. Avoid buying them and focus on providing excellent service, asking your customers for feedback, and utilizing tools like Google Customer Reviews. And if you’re looking for a convenient way to manage your reviews, Broadly is here to lend a hand.

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