Online client and team management for auto repair shops

There’s a lot more to running an auto repair shop than inventory management and work orders. No auto repair business can survive for long without attracting new customers and encouraging repeat appointment scheduling.

That’s why shop owners need to ensure a positive online presence that generates solid leads and a top-notch customer experience so existing customers keep coming back. And there’s one thing that sets leaders in the automotive industry apart from the rest — investing in the right shop management software.

Looking for the best auto repair software and auto repair marketing technology for your company? Broadly’s all-in-one auto shop management software solution offers key functionality to help shop owners like you save time, including:

  • Best-in-class customer messaging technology to streamline your customer outreach
  • Powerful templates and workflows to automate your auto repair shop’s marketing and make it possible for your team to go paperless
  • Real-time notifications about your customer experience and how your shop compares to your competitors within the automotive industry
  • Easy invoicing software solution for sending online and mobile auto repair invoices and accepting payments via credit card and debit card with integrations with platforms like Quickbooks

Best of all, our auto shop management software works across devices. We offer mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android for shop owners and team members working on the go.

Transform your local business with revolutionary AI-powered software


First impressions are everything for auto repair shops

One of the most popular apps of our all-in-one auto repair software solutions, Broadly’s Reviews helps shop owners drive new business by increasing reviews on Google, Facebook and other sites.

With our software, you can automate the process of requesting customer reviews via email and SMS messaging to attract new customers via positive word of mouth on social media and review websites. This is all while saving time on online engagement since it’s much easier to monitor and respond to customer reviews from one app.

As a companion shop management software app, Broadly’s Dashboard‘s functionality gives owners the ability to:

  • Keep tabs on customer feedback, sentiment and loyalty
  • See how the team is impacting customer experience and other metrics
  • Evaluate overall business performance across critical KPIs

Get faster, easier conversions with web chat messaging

Generate 2X more qualified leads right from your automotive repair shop by responding immediately to potential customers reaching out for repair information with our Web Chat service. Web Chat lets you:

  • Field customer inquiries in real time
  • Automate the intake process for new work orders
  • Educate potential customers about your services
  • Encourage appointment scheduling using templates
  • Collect user contact information for your CRM and future marketing outreach

One home for all customer interactions

Communicate with clients and leads from your website, Google and Facebook Messenger all from one place. Keep track of all your automotive shop customer communications with Broadly’s Inbox app, making it easier to view, manage and respond to customer conversations.

From service history, car repair orders and appointment scheduling messages to inquiries about ordering parts, you can keep track of your prospects and regulars all in one user-friendly shared inbox for the team.

  • Use templates to create, store and use messages for responding to incoming customer requests
  • Get real-time notifications of new messages from prospects and clients
  • Streamline workflows among the team with one shared inbox everyone can access

SMS messaging and email campaigns for following up on auto repair leads

One of our many auto repair shop software apps, Campaigns empowers car repair shop owners like you to:

  • Educate customers about your services
  • Get more appointments and orders by informing your email and SMS subscribers about upcoming specials and promotions for OEM parts and services
  • Automate campaign workflows for sending appointment scheduling confirmations and reminders
  • Keep customers informed about the status of their work orders, such as if there will be delays due to ordering parts
  • Update customers about digital vehicle inspection findings and diagnostics testing results
  • Deliver auto repair invoices the moment a transaction is complete

Fast and seamless team communications

Broadly’s user-friendly Team app enables shop owners and the entire team to work together from one inbox:

  • Manage customer communications and interactions in a shared, centralized place
  • Keep track of team performance based on customer feedback and reward top performers on the team
  • Consolidate team member and customer communications in one spot to enhance the employee and customer experience

Get payments faster with mobile invoicing

Auto repair shops use Broadly’s Payments as a convenient and contactless way for customers to pay their auto repair invoices.

  • Send mobile invoices via text messaging or email using our professional invoice templates
  • Allow customers to pay directly from their Android or iOS mobile devices without needing to download a mobile app
  • Accept credit card and debit card payments for your customers’ convenience
  • Get paid faster and save time
  • Improve the customer experience with user-friendly invoicing
  • Add automated review requests to your auto repair invoices workflow
  • Use our invoicing software with other key tools, such as Quickbooks Online

Accelerate your auto shop’s growth with Broadly

No matter what types of automotive repairs you specialize in, we can’t wait to team up with you. We’ve designed our repair shop management software to enable shop owners like you to improve your online presence, optimize your customer messaging and elevate the customer experience.

Want to see our shop management software in action?

Transform your local business with revolutionary AI-powered software