How to make a business Facebook page

For small businesses, social media marketing is invaluable for reaching target audiences and engaging existing customers. But using a social media platform such as Facebook involves much more than creating a personal Facebook account.

Wading through the many tactics for creating brand awareness using a new Facebook business page can be tricky if you’re starting from scratch, especially now that Meta has launched a new Pages design. But not to worry! Here is a step-by-step rundown on how to create a page and elevate your business or brand to greater heights.

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Step 1: Create your page

Facebook Business Pages are intended for local businesses, brands, organizations and public figures to connect with audiences and share their stories, events and more.

To create a new Facebook Business Page, you can navigate to the “Pages and Profiles” section of your menu using Facebook’s left sidebar to reach the “Create a page” form. Fill in your page name and category as directed.

Adding a bio to your Facebook profile with your business details is optional and absolutely recommended if you want people to quicly learn what your business is about and why they should connect with you.

From here, you can customize your page by adding your contact information and business hours, as well as adding a profile picture and a Facebook cover image. Use a square image for your profile photo. While any size will do, the recommended size is 180 by 180 pixels.

Finally, don’t overlook the option to “Add a Button.” For example, if you’re using your Facebook Business Page to drive traffic to your website, or you want to receive emails from your customers rather than chats via Messenger, a call-to-action button allows you to choose how you want your audience to engage with you.

Expert tips

  • Iron out the details of your basic information ahead of time. Make sure you have your business name, business type, phone number, other contact information and a professional synopsis ready before you start creating your Facebook Business Page. This is people’s first impression of your business — you want to make it a good one.
  • Highlight how your business stands out from the competition. The “About” section is a quick synopsis of your products and services. Aim to really capture your business information, goals and personality in two or three sentences.
  • Choose a unique Facebook domain name. A short and catchy custom Facebook URL can easily and effectively increase your business’s name visibility. Get this right the first time — it’s difficult to edit it later, plus you don’t want confuse for your visitors.

Step 2: Manage your page access

If more than one person will be managing your Facebook Business Page, look into setting up page access. With “Page Roles,” you can designate permissions for individuals specific to their roles, even without a personal account.

You can do the same with the new pages. Just go to the page access section of your page settings. For instance, you can give Facebook access to people in your organization and assign task access to community managers who help moderate chat comments and monitor page activity.

Step 3: Ramp up your content

Next, start posting on your page to attract your audience. From your first post, publish interesting content that prompts an audience response and allows you to engage with active users. Doing all this successfully will help you drive leads and build your business.

With any social media, you need to commit to a regular media schedule that feeds a consistent stream of relevant content to your target consumers. Schedule posts that vary, including:

  • Text status updates
  • Links
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Events

How can you ensure audiences are actually engaging with your content? Pay attention to your metrics. Regularly check out your “Professional Dashboard.” Go to the “Your Page” section under the “Insights” category to see your post reach, page views and more.

Expert tips

  • Mix up your content to keep your audience interested in scrolling. Use a variety of post types on your Facebook Business Page.
  • You don’t always have to post original content! Share news stories and other happenings that are relevant to your business. Just ensure whatever you post comes from a quality source and aligns with your company’s values. What you share will reflect on you and your business.

Step 4: Market your business on Facebook

Now that your Facebook page is going, hone in on your target audience. Start by inviting Facebook friends and family, people you trust who can get your page going with some initial likes and positive comments. Next, extend your reach to friends of friends, acquaintances and business contacts.

Finally, once you’re established within your existing network, focus your efforts on new and potential customers. By this time, you should have lots of interest and content to show your business is legitimate.

Expert tip

  • Wait to advertise. Facebook will prompt you early on to buy ads. But if your Facebook Business Page is still in a fledgling state, it likely won’t keep people’s attention just yet. Gain some audience traffic and traction before moving ahead with Facebook marketing with paid advertising.

Step 5: Get Facebook reviews for your business

Use your Facebook Business Page to collect Facebook reviews from people who have visited your business by asking for a recommendation. To help your business maintain a positive online reputation, plan ahead for how you’d like to handle negative Facebook reviews.

Expert tip

  • Showcase your Facebook reviews. Get more out of your Facebook recommendations by highlighting positive comments on your company website.

Use Facebook to further your business goals

Facebook is no longer just a social network. With 2.9 billion monthly active users, a marketing strategy that includes your Facebook profile and Facebook ads can be highly effective and a powerful tool for your business.

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