Ultimate guide to Facebook for business

Small business owners are often strapped for time, dealing with team members, budgets or customers. They don’t always have the bandwidth to actively reach out to new customers. That’s why having a Facebook page is so important to small, local businesses. It helps business owners get discovered without doing much additional work.

What is Facebook for business?

With millions of monthly visitors and a global community of two billion users, Facebook is the perfect platform to help small business owners promote services, increase customer support and boost online recognition.

Facebook is one of the best free tools available to build an online brand for your business. Their paid ads are also incredibly effective at hyper-targeting a specific audience by gender, location, interest or salary.

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What is the Facebook creative hub?

The Facebook (Meta) Creative Hub was created by Facebook to help businesses collaborate and create ad mockups easily. Built with interactive functionality, the Creative Hub ensures business owners and their teams do not need any design skills or experience to use it.

The Creative Hub has templates, webinars and collaboration tools designed to help you create mockups, try out different ad formats and get inspired. You can also preview your ad mockups on mobile devices or computers.

Should my business use Facebook’s creative hub?

The Meta Creative Hub, also known as Facebook Creative Hub, is a great tool. It will help you create great ads on Facebook with powerful call-to-actions (CTAs), review metrics and optimize audience targeting.

How do I get to Facebook creative hub?

Facebook Creative Hub lives under the Facebook Business Manager. Underneath the “Home” icon on the top left-hand corner of the page, there is an “All Tools” icon. By clicking this icon, a full menu will pop up to the right. Scroll down to see the Creative Hub under “Advertise.” Click “Creative Hub” and get started.

Best practices for Facebook creative hub

Here are a few best practices to get you rolling if you are new to advertising on social media, and particularly, if you’re new to the Facebook Creative Hub.

Make sure you have a Business Manager account

To use the ad mockups you create, you must have a Business Manager account for your Facebook page. Then, you can send ad mockups directly to the Facebook Ads Manager to be published.

Use different ad names per ad media

If you’re creating ad sets that will go across multiple social networks, title them per the network you plan to use them on so that you can keep all ads organized.

Preview mockups

After creating mockups in the Creative Hub, you can preview the ads on Facebook and Instagram to see what they would look like from your customer’s perspective.

Invite collaborators

Share your mockups with team members to get feedback on your design. Giving collaborators viewing and editing permissions can be an easy way to work together and create a great ad.

Additional guides to Facebook

Whether you are a local business or a national brand, you must have a Facebook presence. We have all the guides you need to understand how to use Facebook to boost business results.

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