How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Are you using social media to promote a small business? Creating a Facebook page for your business is a great place to start.

However, just having a business Facebook page isn’t enough. You’ll need to use Facebook effectively to further your business’s goals and connect with potential customers. In the following guide, we’ll look at how you can better promote your business on Facebook.

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Business Benefits of Using Facebook

If you haven’t started using Facebook for your small business, it’s never too late. If you thought the effort of carving out your business’s space on Facebook won’t be worth the return, you may be greatly surprised.

Every day, 1.5 million users log in to Facebook; and over the course of a month, 2.27 billion users log into Facebook. Even tapping into a small portion of that audience can make a big difference in growing your business.

More consumers are doing their shopping online and successful marketing strategy is going to include using social media pages. Managing Facebook ads, creating regular posts, and publishing marketing materials can help increase sales for your business.

When you’re using Facebook for your business, you have access to the 70 percent of Facebook users who check in daily. You also have the benefit of using a platform that is specifically designed for business owners like you.

Facebook Business Tips For Promotion

Facebook Business Tips

You’ll need to know how to get reviews. In the online community, these reviews are the best word-of-mouth recommendations you could hope to get. You’ll also want your Facebook business page set up properly.

Just getting started with your Facebook business page? The following tips will have you quickly gaining the kind of traction you want.

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Tip 1: Create a Business Page

If you already have a personal Facebook profile, getting a business page up and running is simple will give you access to more options for promotion. You’ll also be able to customize your business page to target your market.

Once you have a business page, you can then monitor how your business is doing through social media. Not only can you track your current customers, but you can also reach out and target potential customers.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Tip 2: Include Call to Action Button (CTA)

Using the Call to Action button is there to help engage your audience. Not only does it create a relationship between you and your potential customers, but it also gives your page visibility.

The more people make tracks on your page, the more readily your business page will appear in other people’s news feeds. Any time a person likes, comments, or shares your story, their circle of friends are likely to see it. This organic form of outreach leads new potential customers to you – and your Call to Action gives them a reason to stay.

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You can choose what the Call to Action button connects your consumer with. They’ll be able to book an appointment, call you, shop now, and more. It’s one more way you can make things easier for your consumer—and consumers live for convenience.

The Call to Action button gives your advertisements a true purpose. It will drive your audience to take the action that most benefits your business according to your business strategy. If you want people to visit your website, then your advertisements can both encourage them to do so as well as directly link to there.

Are you looking to grow your email list instead of creating website traffic? You can include a Sign-Up button that makes the process easy.

Include Call to Action Button (CTA) on your Facebook page

Tip 3: Get Feedback and Recommendations from Customers

This is where your reputation comes from. Customers like to shop around, and they aren’t going to settle for a business with no reviews—or even worse—bad Facebook reviews.

Customer satisfaction should be your number one goal. An incredible 85 percent of people trust the reviews they read online. Positive feedback and recommendations are going to garner you both new and returning customers, and future business.

Get Feedback and Recommendations from Facebook Customers

Tip 4: Engage With Customers and Individuals

Customers like to feel like their experience matters. Engaging with them through your business page does just that. Savvy potential shoppers will monitor how you interact with others here, and determine whether or not they want to work with or buy from you.

Engaging with customers on Facebook can be a great way to build rapport. Your positive and responsive attitude to them and their needs will be reflected in the feedback your given. Go ahead and let that great customer service translate into better reviews for your business.

Engage With Customers and Individuals

Tip 5: Offer Promotions and Facebook Contests

Contests and promotions are a great way to draw people to your page. A little bit of action from your target audience goes a long way. When they post on or about your contest, their friends will receive notifications on their feed as well.

Everyone loves a contest. Choose a prize that reflects the wants of your target audience and one they are likely to share with their friends. Put a qualifier on the contest that they must like your page and share the contest to be entered.

This can be a great way to bring new people to your page and give your business some quality attention. It’s true you may lose some of the people you’ve gained once the contest is over. In the meantime, it’s likely your post will be shared to a wider audience than you would have otherwise reached.

Offer Promotions and Facebook Contests

Tip 6: Join Relevant and Local Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups can be a great way to tap into an existing audience. People who join groups are usually actively involved and interested in the topic—whether it’s a niche or local group, you’ll be marketing to people who are more likely to need your services.

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This is a great opportunity for you to engage with your future customers. Many people post in these groups looking for recommendations and suggestions—you might be surprised how frequently your services can be offered.

Once you’ve had a successful exchange or two? Other people will be recommending you in that group—and the other groups they belong to—when similar recommendations are sought.

Join Relevant and Local Facebook Groups

Tip 7: Create Your Own Facebook Groups

Creating your own Facebook group gives you another way to connect with your current and future customers. It lets them engage with one another and create a community, which can be great for your business.

A Facebook group can help you gain some serious traction. Advertise it in one of the similar groups you belong to and you’ll garner new potential customers. Some people are more likely to engage in a group than on a business page. This way, you’re covering all your bases.

Create Your Own Facebook Groups

Tip 8: List Your Events

Events are free and easy to create on Facebook. Your schedule of events will be available for anyone to see. And anyone who marks they’re interested? They’ll receive reminders when your event is close—and their friends will see that they have something planned.

Enhance Your Online Reputation

Events can be a physical experience, like special performances, exclusive sales or speaking events. If you don’t operate out of a brick and mortar space, or need to appeal to a geographically diverse group, you can also host digital events. Teleconferences, live-streamed classes, or sales can all be valuable events.

Events can be a great way to keep people from forgetting about what you have going on. When people agree to attend your events, others will be notified in their feed, which may result in new customers.

List Your Events on Facebook

Tip 9: Promote Your Content

Promoting your content can bring your Facebook posts to a new audience. You should promote your content to bring in new consumers and show potential customers what you’re up to.

This is essentially advertising. Facebook algorithms will move your promoted content beyond your regular audience. These ads are targeted and should be shown to people who are more likely to be interested in your product.

Promote Your Content on Facebook

Tip 10: Go Live on Facebook Video

Going live on Facebook can be a great way to engage with your audience in a new way. You’ll likely get a priority spot in the news feed and any likes and comments will pop your video on other feeds as well.

Using Facebook video creates fresh, new material for your potential customers. It’s easy to scroll past words, but a video can be quite attention catching. It’s also a great way to build a rapport and showcase your personality.

Go Live on Facebook Video


Social networks can make it easier than ever to reach your target audience. Following these tips can have your business’s Facebook page pulling in new customers before you know it.