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Examples of Dealing With Difficult Customers

No matter where you fall on the chain of command, it is likely you will have to deal with a difficult customer situation. If these tough situations make you feel uncomfortable, not to ...
Customers giving feedback on cellphones

Importance of Customer Feedback

As a small business, have you thought about your overall customer service? There are enormous benefits in providing top-notch service for every one of your customers. If you haven’t thought about it before, ...
Benefits of a Website for Business

22 Benefits of a Website for Small Businesses

In an era of social media, sometimes business owners may think that having a website is unnecessary, but that couldn’t be further away from the truth. It is relatively easy to create a social ...
Get Customer feedback

How To Get Customer Feedback

It is extremely easy to focus on your day-to-day and forget to listen to your customers, but without them, you wouldn’t have a business. There are infinite things that you can learn from customers. In ...
building rapport with clients

How To Build Rapport With Clients

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s all about who you know.”? In business and in life, creating a network of trusted people can help you become more successful. This is why it’s ...

20 Tips & Strategies to Improve Work Performance

For every company, no matter the size or industry, success depends on one ingredient: the people. From the custodial crew who helps keep the workplace clean to the salespeople who bring in new ...

How to Get More Roofing Leads for Your Business

Roofing is a highly local business and it’s not easy scoring big leads! Roofing leads are the lifeblood to your business’s success which is why it’s important to establish a system that consistently ...