Tested, Tried and Successful: Broadly among top software solutions for spa retailers

As summarized in an article in SpaRetailer by Andrew Lisa

You Earned the Reviews—Now Go Get Them

When it comes to online reviews, spa retailers are a lot like NFL field goal kickers. Do your job right 99 times, and all is quiet. But if you miss one makeable kick, you’re an instant villain.

That, according to Laura Nelson, director of marketing at Broadly, is because of a blend of Internet culture and human nature.

“You’ve probably been asked by a service provider to leave feedback online,” Nelson says. “You have good intentions, but you’re busy, you’ve got your next appointment. Even if you were very happy, you have to remember to leave a review and then go find the right place to leave it.”

That dynamic is exactly what was precluding Josh Kemerling of the Georgia Spa Company from transforming the positive feedback he was getting in person into strong online reviews, which are so singularly critical to businesses in the digital age.

“We were really taking care of our customers but just weren’t getting the four- and five-star reviews,” he says. “I would ask customers for online feedback, and they’d say, ‘Sure — we love you guys!’ But then they just wouldn’t. It’s hard to remember when you get home to say, ‘Oh yeah, I have to go leave that company a review.’ ”

That’s where Broadly comes in. Although the software is “evolving into a platform to manage the whole customer experience from end to end,” says Nelson, some of those capabilities are still in beta, and Broadly is still best known as the go-to platform to make good service pay dividends online in the form of crucial positive reviews.

“Our platform makes it easy for the business owner to thank that customer and direct them to the place where they’re most likely to leave great feedback, whether they’re on their email or on their mobile device,” Nelson says.

After a job, the customer receives an email from Broadly asking if the service was what they expected, Kemerling explains. If customers click yes, they’re immediately taken to a five-star review template exactly where the company wants that review to land. This lets customers leave the review on their own time and removes from them the burden of figuring out where to leave feedback in the first place. Once it became simple for Kemerling’s customers, the positive reviews started piling up — more than 150 in the first five months.

“The reviews mention our staff by name,” he says. “They say they’d recommend us to their families.”

Equally important is the way that Broadly manages unhappy customers. If a customer clicks “not satisfied” on the Broadly post-job email, Kemerling is notified right away.

“This way it gives me a chance to come back and address the issue,” he says. “We’ve learned that with most of our unhappy customers who would have left a one-star review, it was because of silly stuff.”

Kemerling relayed a story about an irate customer whose brand new spa cover wouldn’t latch just after it was installed. Before she could take to the Internet to vent, Kemerling responded right away, saying he had a crew in the area that could be there within the hour. The customer responded with disbelief that anyone even read the email. When his crew arrived, they realized the buckles on one of the straps simply needed a bit of adjusting, which they did that very afternoon.

“I never heard from her again,” Kemerling says. “But guess what I saw that night? A five-star review.”

Media contact: Laura Nelson, Director of Marketing, laura@broadly.com

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